HAUS RED - Vol. 2


HAUS RED - Vol. 2 broaches the subject of how we fill space physically and linguistically and where the two meet, featuring the Ravicka novels by Renee Gladman (Dorothy: A Publishing Project) with columns on Samuel Beckett by Kevin Holohan and on Samuel “Chip” Delany by Lonely Christopher.

In 2010 writer and artist Renee Gladman first introduced readers to her city-state, Ravicka, “a foreign ‘other’ place fraught with the crises of American urban experience, not least the fundamental problem of how to move through the world at all.” Since then she has expanded her exploration of urban spaces through her fiction—Event Factory,The RavickiansAna Patova Crosses a Bridge, and Houses of Ravicka—as well as in her nonfiction (Calamities) and visual art (Prose Architectures).

Vol. 2 focuses on Gladman’s aforementioned fiction and the process behind its development, in particular the work of Dorothy: A Publishing Project and their approach to publishing; co-founder Danielle Dutton described it as “a landscape of outskirtness,” where they prioritize feminist and innovative works as well as a slow, sustainable methods.

The fantastical stories of Ravicka establish a place with its own gestural language and inexplicable physics. Gladman focuses her attention on urban landscapes not specifically for their role as economic centers or even as cultural hubs, but instead as axes of communication, both amongst fellow citizens (read: Ravickians intricate set of gestural customs and conventions) as well as with the physical landscape of the city (see: the use of geoscography, the fictional measurement and study of the migration of buildings).

Part of our ongoing investigation into process and power, literaturhaus publications explore the role and potential of art, the conversations it provokes, and its function in placing humans in the universe, in relation to each other and to our earthly environments, as well as across time.

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