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literaturhaus handcrafts books that play with and challenge structures & forms—words juxtaposed to find the cracks.

literaturhaus seeks forms

⁘ We investigate the possibilities and utilize them to realize the potential of our words.

⁘ The book is a crafted object and not a foregone conclusion.

literaturhaus lingers about the underbelly, subaltern and anonymous

⁘ History does not reflect the multitudes of its stories.

⁘ In the moment, the result of any conflict does not feel as inevitable as it appears in hindsight.

⁘ Yesterday’s conflicts still send ripples through our days.

literaturhaus is in conversation with the day

⁘ Big data surrounds us and threatens to sweep us away into passivity without form, without ways to explore, to understand the ripples of the day, to pursue one another amidst the deluge.

⁘ The knowledge gained by a generation is not automatically passed on, not by blood, not by destiny, and not through mere survival.

literaturhaus reaches across the line between information and knowledge

⁘ Stockpiling resources (whether stories, gold, uranium, or any other damn thing) is not a reflection of gained wisdom, character, goodwill, humanity, or worth.

⁘ What remains essential is the ability to read, to recognize, and to cultivate.